Nectar Sleep Foam Mattresses

The award-winning Nectar Mattress has been recognized as a top-rated mattress in the foam mattress category. This company is rapidly becoming the industry leader for several key reasons like their low prices, 365 day trial period, free shipping, free returns and their Forever Warrantee. This company has been in business for over 15 years.

Nectar Sleep Mattress
Nectar Sleep Mattress Construction Nectar Sleep Mattress Construction
Nectar mattress Comfort

Nectar Mattress Comfort

Nectar Sleep rates their firmness level somewhere between 5.5 and 7.5. In the absence of any international standards that measure mattress firmness, we will have to take their word that the Nectar mattress is firm enough to support your body but soft enough to contour to your body's individual shape. This stands to reason considering the five different layers used to create each mattress.

Nectar mattress price

Nectar Mattress Cost

Nectar seems to have figured out how to drastically cut the price of producing a memory foam mattress. By selling to consumers directly through their website (and eliminating the middleman), Nectar has been able to keep prices very low. This saves you added commissions paid to additional sales people. The prices do appear to be very competitive considering the free shipping and Forever warrantee! Nectar also offers an interest-free six monthly payment option.

Type Dimensions Price
Twin 39in x 75in x 11in $500.00
Twin XL 39in x 80in x 11in $550.00
Full 54in x 75in x 11in $700.00
Queen 60in x 80in x 11in $795.00
King 76in x 80in x 11in $900.00
California King 72in x 84in x 11in $900.00

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Nectar mattress warrantee

Nectar Mattress Warrantee

This is where Nectar sets themselves apart from the rest of the industry. They warrantee that the mattress will be free from workmanship or materials defects for as long as you own it. This means that if you have any problems within the first 5 years, they will either repair or replace your Nectar free of any charges. After 5 years, it is the same service but you will have to a $50 shipping fee (both ways).

Nectar mattress shipping fee

Nectar Mattress Shipping

Currently, Nectar only ships in The USA and Canada. Shipping is completely free in the contiguous United States. There will only be a shipping fee if you live in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada. The current shipping fee to Canada is US$150. Nectar does offer a White Glove delivery service if you need someone to unpack and set up your new mattress. This currently costs an additional $139. They can also arrange to remove your old mattress

Nectar mattress returns

Nectar Mattress Returns & Exchanges

Who pays? What paperwork is required? Don't worry, Nectar has all of this covered. They will arrange to have any returns packaged, picked-up and transported back - all at no cost to you. There is no need to keep any of the original packing materials. After the mattress expands, you would need a huge machine to get it back into the box that it arrived in anyway.

Nectar mattress trial period

Nectar Mattress Trial Periods

Can I try before I buy? Not exactly. You must purchase a mattress but you have 365 days (1 year) to decide if you want to keep it or not. If you decide that you do not want to keep your Nectar mattress within one year of purchase, they offer a "no hassle" return policy. They will take care of packing and shipping your return.

Nectar mattress construction materials

Nectar Mattress Construction Materials

The mattress is constructed from five separate layers. The outer cover is a soft Tensil and cotton material, then there is a layer of 1-inch four lb semi-open fast-recovery gel memory foam, a second layer of non-quilted gel memory foam, a 3-inch thick layer of premium 3.5 lb Hi Core Adaptive memory foam and finally a base of dense 2.2 lb foam. If you smell anything, this will be temporary and is a result of fresh foam being sealed in plastic for shipping.

Nectar mattress cooling system

Nectar Mattress Cooling Systems

Nectar has taken extra steps to ensure that this mattress does not get too hot. Each layer is designed with special features that promote air circulation through out the mattress. The outer cover is treated to promote air wicking, other layers use traditional quilting to vent air under your body - a very expensive task to do with foam. Finally, the base layer has channels molded into it that vent cooling air into the mattress.

Nectar mattress bed bug defence

Nectar Mattress Bed Bug Defence

Will it be resistant to bed bugs? Yes! The Nectar mattress' outer cover is naturally repellant to bed bugs. This fact makes third party anti-beg bug covers a thing of the past. In addition, the lack of crevices make this mattress very uncomfortable to bed bugs!

Nectar mattress sizes

Nectar Mattress Available Sizes

What sizes are available? Can I get a custom size? Nectar mattresses are available in six different sizes. Twin (39in x 75in x 11in), Twin XL(39in x 80in x 11in), Full (54in x 75in x 11in), Queen (60in x 80in x 11in), King (76in x 80in x 11in) and California King (72in x 84in x 11in). Unfortunately, they do not offer custom size orders.

Nectar mattress options

Nectar Mattress Available Options

Are there any options that I haven't thought of? Currently, there are three options available - some for an addition price: 1) Nectar pillows; 2) White Glove Delivery and; 3) The interest-free six monthly payment plan (free of charge and no credit check). Nectar also offers a generous outer cover exchange program.

the Nectar Sleep Mattress can be used with any base type
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