Since the dawn of time...

Humans have had to carefully consider where they sleep. Sleep was a risky time for early man when he or she could not defend yourself and family from predators and enemies. Luckily, these dangers are in the past but we still have to be careful about where we sleep - more importantly, on what we sleep. We spend over one-third of our lives in bed, so it is an important decision. The modern human has so many choices when it comes to what they sleep on but it is easy to become overwhelmed by the options. We are here to help.

There are three main things to consider when purchasing a new mattress:


Mattress technology has come a long way even in the past decade. New materials and engineered designs offer new and unprecedented flexibility and comfort no matter what your preferences.


Not all beds are same quality or the same price. With new materials come reduced manufacturing expense. It is crucial that you know what you are buying and if it is worth the asking price,


Most people own their beds for many years. Beds become part of the family but what happened if you do not like it or there is a problem with it. Know before you buy if the seller will honor your claim.

The list Does Not End There

You must have more questions than these - well here are a few more to ask....


How much does it cost? Will they set up the bed?


Who pays? What paperwork is required?

Trial Periods

Can I try before I buy? If so, for how long?


What is it made of? What if I am allergic?

Cooling Systems

Will it feel warm? What if it is too hot?

Bed Bugs

Will it be resistant to bed bugs?

Available Sizes

What sizes are available? Can I get a custom size?

Available Options

Are there any options that I haven't thought of?